1 - Bayview Bar & Grill Port Vincent, LA               7-10pm

3 - Private Party Austin, TX

8 - Poodies Hilltop Spicewood, TX 6-7:30pm

10 - Pecan Grove Store Fredericksburg, TX

​        4-7pm

16 - Private Party

Past Events- 2016


5th- Private event Dallas, TX

11th - Magnolia Bbq Brookhaven, MS

12th - Fenians Jackson, MS

​26th - Brookhaven country club

​31st- Fenians Jackson, MS


1st- Magnolia Blues Brookhaven, MS

14th- Fenians Jackson, MS

15th- Recess 101 Brookhaven, MS

16th - Bettys Eat Place Brookhaven, MS

27th- Buddys Mccomb, MS

28th- Fenians Jackson, MS

30th- Southbound tavern Helena, AR


1st- Hazlehurst Railroad Festival

15th- IBC finals

29th- Mississippi Music Festival Greenville, MS


5th - King Biscuit Festival Helena, AR

26th - Lake Village Fall Festival Lake Village, AR

27th - Great Bear Affair Festival Rolling Fork, MS

Canada Tour Events 2016


5th - Crustaceans Cleveland, MS

6th - Rivals Greenville, MS

12th - Brickhause Meridian, MS

13th - Lillos Leland, MS

19th - Tomahawk Steakhouse Canton, MS

26th - Crustaceans Cleveland, MS


4th - Sharpe Street Cleveland, MS

23rd - Buddy's Mccomb, MS

24th - 27 Break Greenville,Ms

25th - Rivals Greenville,MS


8th - Brickhause Meridian, MS

9th - Blue Canoe Tupelo, MS

20th - Buddy's Mccomb, MS

21st - Irish Coast Pub Gulfport, MS


13th Kristos Madison, MS

14th - Crustaceans Cleveland, MS

18th - Buddys Mccomb, MS

26th - Lost Dog Pizza Columbus, MS

28th - Blue Biscuit Festival Indianola, MS


10th - Delta Meat Market Cleveland, MS

11th - NOLA's Indianola, MS

Upcoming Events 2018


4th - Leland Racquet Club Leland, MS
6th - Buddys Mccomb, Ms
7th - Magnolia BBq Brookhaven, MS
12th - Holly Springs Summer Series Holly Springs, MS
19th- Fenians Jackson, MS
20th - Recess 101 Brookhaven, MS
21st- Pittman Lake Palooza


2nd - Hondos Fredericksburg, TX

3rd - TBA , TX

4th - Poodies Hilltop Spicewood, TX

11th- International Blues Challenge Prelims Helena, AR

17th - Magnolia BBQ Brookhaven, MS


8th -  Lost Dog Memphis, MS 6-9pm

14th- Lost Dog Columbus, MS 6-9pm

15th - Brickhause, Meridian, MS 9-12am

16th - Vince's Leland, MS 8-11pm

22nd - Delta Meat Market Cleveland, MS 

23rd - The Backdoor Waynesboro, MS 7-10pm


3 - Bayview Bar & Grill Port Vincent, LA         7-10pm

4 - Private Party

11 - Vince's Leland, MS 8-11pm

12 - Hideout Waynesboro, MS 8-11pm

Past Events


28 - Delta Meat Market Cleveland, MS             5-8pm


Canada 2015 Fall Tour

9th - Lola's Cornwall, Ontario 4-8pm
11th - Lola's Cornwall, Ontario 4-8pm
12th - The Rainbow Room Ottawa, Ontario 4-8pm
14th - Baba's Lounge Charlottetown, PE 12-3am
15th - Plan b Moncton, New Brunswick 
16th - The Pub Down Under, Saint John, New Brunswick 8-11pm
17th - Menz & Mollyz Bar, Halifax, Nova Scotia 9pm
19th - Duncan's Pub, Amherst, Nova Scotia
20th - Plan B, Moncton, New Brunswick
22nd - Duncan's Pub, Amherst, Nova Scotia

1st - The Nook and Cranny Truro,Nova Scotia
3rd - Chappyshat Festival Hastings, Nova Scotia
9th - The Red Knight Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
15th - Truffles Burgers Cornwall, Ontario
16th - Jake's Garage Cornwall, Ontario
17th - Lola's Cornwall, Ontario
18th - Lola's Cornwall, Ontario
21st - Truffles Burgers Cornwall, Ontario
24th - Boulevard Cornwall, Ontario
29th - Buds on the Bay Brockville, Ontario
30th - Wine and Beer Bistro Whitby, Ontario

3rd - Atria Oshawa, Ontario
8th - Rose and Crown Toronto,  Ontario

Canada 2016 Summer Tour


 4 - Rose and Crown Toronto, ON

 6 – Carter's Landing(early show) The Hideout(night show) Toronto, ON                                         
10 – Gravity Lounge Oshawa, ON                                           
11 – The Spill Peterborough, ON
12 - Lola's Cornwall, ON

​13 - Jake's Garage Cornwall, ON

14 - Lola's Cornwall, ON

19 - Snowshoe Lodge Montgomery, VT

20 - Snowshoe Lodge Montgomery, VT

26 - Johnny's Gone Fishing Carrboro, SC

27 - Moccasin Bend Brewery Chattanooga, TN